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Specialised in special requirements

The variety of products reflects our complex perception; we offer you complete solutions.

Consequently, in our product range we also offer special products that are specially developed and in some cases come from our own production, e. g.

  • Gas mixer
  • Leak finder
  • Low-E-Tester
  • Grinding discs for edge deletion

Do you also have new requirements or production issues? We respond to these questions and offer you the best solution.


Gas consumption is permanently viewed in conjunction with profitability aspects – the more expensive the gas type, the more intensively gas consumption is scrutinised. When looking for savings potential, the ancillary costs, such as cylinder rental and transport costs, must not be ignored. However concrete consumption values are seldom available.

In the past, insulated glass companies used a cylinder scale. Gas consumption was approximately determined via the weight loss. This method has major disadvantages, because a statement can only be made concerning the average over a variety of IG units.

Now as an industry first, HELANTEC offers reliable gas consumption measurement for insulated gas companies. With the ISO-GAS-METER (IGM) the user is in a position to capture gas consumption per unit, as well as track the filling behaviour of the gas filling system and to present cumulative gas consumption.

It has been developed specially for the needs of insulated glass production and is suitable for all standard gases and mixtures. This capability offers essential economic advantages for the user:

  • a realistic basis for calculation
  • diagnostics and specific maintenance of the filling systems
  • monitoring of gas consumption

The insulated glass manufacturer can finally make statements concerning

  • gas loss or overfilling
  • the filling process of his system

The ISO-GAS-METER (IGM) measuring system is connected to a control and presentation unit. Operation is intuitive per touch screen and the measurement is executed automatically. All recorded data is documented per each filling procedure, without additional effort in an automated process. The data can be evaluated directly in Excel or with our presentation software.

If you would like to monitor the gas consumption of your gas filling press, consider our IGM/IPA process monitor, consisting of ISO-GAS-METER (IGM) and ISO-PRESS-ANALYSER (IPA).

Gas mixing technology

gas blender mixer

Naturally we also offer the appropriate gas analysers for verification of mixture composition!

An additional mainstay of HELANTEC is our gas mixing technology, which is used for a variety of applications:

  • production of test gases in the automotive industry
  • production of test gases for detection of leaks
  • production of protective gas atmospheres for safety-relevant processes
  • production of binary gas mixtures with a mixing ratio of 99:1 with the highest accuracy and stability

Our gas mixing technology is also used in the insulated glass industry, with the following advantages:

  • no delivery times, stock keeping costs or excessive prices for premixed gases
  • high level of flexibility due to a freely-adjustable mixing ratio
  • minimal procurement and operating costs

Our gas mixing technology is based on the orifice technology. The purely mechanical structure is absolutely robust, low maintenance and offers a long service life.

The HELANTEC gas mixing technology is suitable for all gas filling processes and manual gas filling systems. The mixing process is executed independently of the diminishment of the gas mixture. This is the only way that stable and precise gas mixtures can be produced.

Leakfinder 2.0

The Leakfinder 2.0 detects leaks in insulated glass production. With the Leakfinder 2.0 you find the answers to the questions:

  • Why do I fail to achieve good and stable gas concentration?
  • And why do I consume so much gas?

The cause is often leaks. And here saves you the Leakfinder a long and tedious search.

It finds

  • where the butyl cord leaks
  • where the contact pressure is insufficient
  • where the connectors leak

The following points should be checked regularly, particularly for expensive gases:

  • Are the hose connections leak-proof?
  • Are the valves leak-proof?
  • Is the cylinder pressure reducer leak-proof?
  • Are the threaded unions leak-proof?

The HELANTEC Leakfinder 2.0 is a further development of the proven predecessor model. It is even easier to handle, easier to operate and more attractively priced. It is the universal tool and should be part of every insulated glass production.

leak finder


coating tester LOW-E

As soon as the Low-E-Tester has contact with a metallic layer on the glass, it signals this status.

In this process the coating is not damaged by the contact.

In daily practice the Low-E-Tester is a simple but effective aid for properly assembling the IG units.

Grinding discs for edge deletion

Edge deletion is a central topic for gas-tight, coated IG units. As a rule, butyl is used as the primary seal. However butyl only establishes an inadequate connection with the coated IG unit! Therefore it is strictly necessary to remove the coating in the edge area.

To do this either automatic edge deletion systems or manual grinding devices are used. Both systems use a grinding disc for edge deletion. A different composition of the abrasive material, as well as grit and degree of hardness, are necessary depending on the coating and the machines used. Usually uneven edge deletions cannot be detected visually. However the consequences are serious: leaks.

HELANTEC offers grinding discs for all standard coatings, in different thicknesses and dimensions. Grinding discs from HELANTEC are characterised by long service life and low prices, and we are sure to have the right grinding disc for your coating as well.

We look forward to your enquiry in this regard. On request we can also deliver special versions for special applications.

grinding discs


U value meter

The “Ug-Meter” pocket measuring system is used for fast determination of the Ug value of installed IG units.

The methodology of the procedure is based on different temperature measurements. With calculation software the Ug value is determined from the recorded measured values. For example, with supplemental software, correlations of UG value and heating requirement can be displayed.

Naturally the system cannot replace the laboratory analysis procedure used. The ambient influences on the installed object alone exclude accuracy claims that can be made under laboratory conditions. However you do get a measurement result with good informative value.

In the development of the Ug-Meter, the sales aid for insulated glass was the focus.