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They simply match ...

Original accessories from HELANTEC simply match perfectly and offer you everything that you need for your daily business - and much more.

  • Closure systems (sleeves and plugs, HELANTEC valve)

  • Special probes

  • Distributor arm for hoses

  • Trolleys for mobile use of gas filling systems

  • Consumables for gas filling systems and analysers

corner keys sleeves plugs


The HELANTEC valve is the key to success for correct pressure balancing, and for maintaining your assured characteristics for the IG unit.

Helantec valve

With our ISO-Altimeter PROFESSIONAL pressure balance system the IG unit is prepared in production in such a manner that it is flat at the higher altitude or lower altitude of the installation site. In this regard the HELANTEC valve is used for safe sealing during and after the pressure balancing.

Naturally the leak-tightness and material compatibility are tested and certified. Consequently the HELANTEC valve is used instead of the well-known sleeve plug system for manual gas filling technology.

More than 3.2 million HELANTEC valves are already in use around the world. Rely on this proven and progressive technology.

tools for pressure balance

Closure system

Sleeves and plugs

corner keys sleeves plugs

Uniform quality and good gas concentrations for IG units can only be assured with an effectively sealing closure system. The sleeve and plug system, as well as signal plugs, have been proven millions of times over.

HELANTEC only offers products that are tested and that have been checked for material compatibility. Bear in mind that adapted closure systems are necessary for different spacer materials.

We would be pleased to advise you in this regard. Rely on our experience and quality – cheap can sometimes become very expensive.

Distributor arm for hoses

Often the filling and suction hoses, including the probes lie on the floor. Such “stumbling hazards” should be avoided, and so should the possible associated damage to hoses and probes.

HELANTEC offers order, safety and organisation with the rotating distributor arm for hose routing of filling and suction hoses.

Between the individual filling processes the probes are suspended freely in the air and cannot touch the floor. Installation, which is also possible on our trolley for gas filling systems is executed via threaded unions.

Trolley for gas filling systems

For mobile use of our gas filling systems we have designed a special trolley for changing implementation sites.

A placement surface for 2 gas cylinders is integrated. The trolley has proven itself many times in application.

In addition we recommend installation of our distributor arms for the routing of filling and suction hoses. They facilitate operation and provide order as well as safety.

Special probes

There are always new designs for insulated glass and consequently there are always new requirements imposed on the filling and suction probes.

Thus, for example, there are also probes for IG units with internal blinds / shading devices. For these applications we have developed small, short probes that enable good flow behaviour in the space between the panes. In addition, the filling parameters of our gas filling system have been adapted.

filling lances suction probes
FEM development

Are you looking for a special solution? We would be pleased to support you.

Ensure that everything runs perfectly ...

Of Course, HELANTEC provides everything required consumables for

Gas analyser

  • Syringes and spare glasses

  • Needles in different versions

  • Septa and filter

  • Shut-off valve

  • Bradawl

Gas filling system / pressure balance

  • Filling and suction probes

  • Filters and hoses

  • Closure systems (sleeves and plugs, HELANTEC-valve)