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Gas filling systems with conventional technology


Conventional gas filling technology is based on the displacement of air. With this technology the heavier filling gas (e.g. argon / krypton / mixtures) is introduced into the IG unit from below and it displaces the lighter air.

Important in this regard: The gas must be filled into the IG unit as homogeneously as possible, otherwise turbulence and entrapped air can occur, (this would then be a purge process, for which at least 4x the quantity of gas is required). Additional consequences are a greater time requirement and unreliable gas concentrations!

HELANTEC is also a step ahead in the implementation of conventional gas filling technology:

  • All HELANTEC gas filling systems have our proven gas analyser that ends the filling process.
  • The desired gas concentration can be set individually.
  • HELANTEC gas filling systems have a display for the actual gas concentration.
  • HELANTEC gas filling systems are suitable for all standard gases and gas mixtures used in the insulated glass industry.
  • HELANTEC gas filling systems transport a gas sample to the analyser via a pump. This causes a faster and controlled escape of air, as well as shorter filling times.
  • To make the filling process safer at minimum gas consumption, some HELANTEC gas filling systems have additional intelligence.

HELANTEC offers gas filling systems that can fill as many as 5 IG units simultaneously. Thus – in spite of conventional gas filling technology – a high capacity can be achieved. We recommend that you install the conventional gas filling systems at the end of the production line.

The HELANTEC fast-fill technology should be used for larger units and to avoid bulging.

We would be pleased to advise you in the selection of a suitable gas filling system for your company. In this regard we particularly consider how the “gas filling” process can be most effectively integrated in your existing production structure.


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