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Insulated glass industry

For more than 30 years our technology has been used in the insulated glass industry. Over the years we have consistently developed new products that enable higher efficiency and offer innovative solutions.

These include:

  • the gas filling systems of the RAPIDE series with our IPC (integrated process control)
  • the gas analysers, now also with integrated data storage and networking
  • the pressure balance system, ISO-Altimeter PROFESSIONAL, with HELANTEC valve
  • process monitoring of the gas filling function for gas filling presses
  • gas consumption measurement and other special products

The economic success of modern insulated glass production significantly depends on 3 factors:

  • uniform, assured quality
  • optimal, systematic use of all resources (time, material, equipment availability)
  • compliance with statutory regulations (CE mark, EN 1279, documentation, etc.)

HELANTEC supplies all products and solutions to enable economic production of IG units.

Wherever processes with gas must be regulated, monitored, visualised, and analysed HELANTEC is your reliable partner. No other manufacturer in this area can offer more experience and product variety.

Use our technological lead for your success!

Protective gas systems for the magnesium industry

Lightweight building materials are more in demand today than ever before, particularly in the automotive industry, the electronics industry and in the area of aerospace engineering. Magnesium is the lightest metallic construction material, and consequently it is particularly well suited for industrial lightweight construction.

Many die cast parts are manufactured of magnesium. For this, magnesium is melted in a furnace and cast in moulds. Because magnesium can react intensely in the presence of air, a protective gas atmosphere is strictly required in the smelting furnace for the hazardous smelting process. And this is precisely where our technology is used ...

For more than 10 years, our systems have been safeguarding the magnesium smelting process worldwide. The following products are used for this:

  • Precision gas mixer for producing the required protective gas atmosphere
  • Dosing systems for ultra-precise dosing and distribution of the protective gas in the smelting furnace
  • Analysers for monitoring the protective gas atmosphere

Due to our many years experience in the area of gas analysis and gas filling technology, we have been able to develop new technologies for the area of protective gas systems, with due consideration of all safety-relevant requirements.

Food industry

Protective gas packaging is finding ever greater use in the food industry. This is the only way to keep many food products fresh for a longer period of time.

The most important criterion for the quality of protective gas packaging is the remaining atmospheric oxygen. As part of quality control, the oxygen content in the packages must be checked regularly in production.

Our proven gas analysis technology is also used for this application.

Other implementation

areas of our gas analysis technology

For example, there are many applications for which the oxygen content must be checked or continuously monitored, for which we develop and produce suitable analysers.

Our partners are active in a wide variety of industries – ranging from medicine to machine tools, to the chemicals industry. HELANTEC technology, however is also used in research.

In this regard, the most important criteria for gas analysis are:

  • easy handling
  • low wear / maintenance plausibility check possibility
  • accuracy and stability of the analysis method used
  • robustness and long service life – particularly with regard to the measuring cell

All gas analysers from HELANTEC satisfy these criteria – this is why many users are convinced of our technology and excited about our technology.

We are sure that we also have something that will be exciting for you! Tell us your requirements, we will find a custom-tailored solution for you.