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RAPIDE L900 2016The RAPIDE L900 is the highest capacity gas filling system on the market and offers special advantages for the following applications:

  • fast filling and low gas losses - particularly with krypton
  • short filling times and extremely high capacity
  • economic filling of extremely large formats
  • fast filling of triple-glazed units in compliance with the cycle times of gas fill presses

For development, this meant precisely regulating even larger gas quantities in the millisecond range. At the same time the universal implementation possibilities, the two-hole technology and the proven closure system had to be retained. Nevertheless we were able to massively increase the efficiency. Here as well, and to an even more extreme degree, the same principle applies – namely that the maximum filling speed is not an expression of capacity. The crucial factor is efficient implementation.

However, due to the high capacity, in order to homogeneously fill the gas into the IG unit, even greater precision is required for synchronisation of filling and suction capacity. The filling process is a controlled process – it is not a purge process.

With due consideration of the cited boundary conditions – physical and fluidic – with the RAPIDE L 900, optimal performance has been realised. However this also demands considerably higher material requirements.

The capacity with 1 filling line is approximately 800 units1) and with 2 filling lines the capacity is approximately 1600 units1)

But this information does not really do justice to the capacity of the RAPIDE L900. Its real performance only becomes apparent with larger units and higher gas volumes. Through precise synchronisation of filling capacity and suction capacity, filling large IG units with gas is easily possible.

The RAPIDE L900 can always produce pressureless and flat-positioned IG units. Operation is intuitive thanks to the minimal number of control elements. Nevertheless the RAPIDE L900 offers every conceivable convenience. Among other things this also means increased capacity through integrated intelligence. You will only find these features, in this quality and equipment at HELANTEC.

Additional highlights:

  • The size of the IG unit is detected automatically during the filling process and the filling process is adapted accordingly.
  • For expensive gases (krypton) there is a gas saving program
  • By the touch of a button you can change between 4 gas types, without additional calibration effort or loss of time changing cylinders.
  • Adaptation and storing (depending on the requirement) of different filling parameters via the IPC (integrated production control).

The RAPIDE L900 is more than "just" a manual gas filling system. With the integrated IPC the gas filling process is visualised and automatically documented. Only with this product you do have a verification of quality for all filling processes, i.e. for each IG unit – automated, without additional effort. Allocation of the IG unit is executed via barcode. Thus traceability in terms of gas filling is also ensured. Only the HELANTEC technology makes these advanced possibilities available to you.

To get started the system can be equipped with one filling line. Thanks to the modular structure, retrofitting a second gas filling line at a later point in time is easily possible. For production of triple-glazed IG units, systems with 2 filling lines have proven to be very effective, because the two chambers can then be filled simultaneously. This is particularly advantageous for windows with an asymmetric structure. Because each filling line works autonomously, both chambers can be filled with different gases, without difficulty!

If service is required, a diagnosis can be executed quickly and easily per remote maintenance via the modem integrated in the IPC. Through this measure service costs are reduced to a minimum. A routine manufacturer maintenance contract is not necessary!

HELANTEC also offers special solutions for specific applications – for example, additional filling cycles can be programmed individually with the Intelligent Fill Control Module. All devices are developed and produced in our facilities. All essential components for a custom solution are available. We offer our services in working together with you to implement special solutions tailored to your requirements.

1) At 8 hours/day and for IG units with 0.8 m² / 14 mm spacers / 11.2 litre volume / argon / 90% gas concentration / pure filling time


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