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MINIOur MINI is the top-selling gas filling system with conventional gas filling technology. It has proven itself for more than a decade and represents the latest state of the technology. Operation is intuitive thanks to the minimal number of operating elements. Nevertheless the MINI is versatile in application.

The capacity with 1 filling line is approximately 150 units1) and with 2 filling lines the capacity is approximately 300 units1).

The advantages of the MINI gas filling system

  • modular structure (a second filling line can be easily retrofitted)
  • each filling line works autonomously
  • integrated analyser with high accuracy and stability, per filling line
  • desired filling concentration can be set individually per filling line
  • suitable for all standard gases and gas mixtures

The gas concentration is measured, per filling line, on-line and during the entire filling process by the integrated gas analyser. As soon as the set gas concentration is reached the filling process is ended automatically. Through the use of a pump, as well as the optimised filling speed, an extremely low gas consumption is realised. Thus, in spite of conventional gas filling technology, shorter filling times are enabled.

At the entry level, the gas filling system can be delivered with only one filling line; thanks to the modular structure a second filling line can be easily retrofitted at a later point in time. Systems with 2 filling lines have proven to be very effective for triple-glazed IG units, because the two chambers can be filled simultaneously. This is particularly advantageous for asymmetric structures.

NOTE: This filling technology is primarily used outside of the production line (off-line) and is suitable for units up to 2.0 m² in size. For larger units there is danger of excessive bulging during the filling process. Consequently for larger units we recommend that you use a gas filling system with fast-fill technology.

1) At 8 hours/day and for IG units with 0.8 m² / 14 mm spacers / 11.2 litre volume / argon / 90% gas concentration.


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