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Erfolg ENCustomer-specific product solutions are some of HELANTEC’s major strengths. Tell us your requirements, we will find the custom-tailored solution for you as well. Optimally matched to your production environment and perfectly integrated in your processes. Use our technological lead for your success!

HELANTEC is also the market leader in the insulated glass industry in the area of

  • gas filling technology
  • gas analysis and
  • process monitoring.

The variety of products reflects our complex perspective, we provide in-depth responses to your questions and offer total solutions. In this regard, merely determining that the gas concentration is too low is not enough for us - we also offer you the solutions to prevent situation.

Talk with us, when the manufacturing process stalls, or if it should be designed to be more profitable. Use our experience!

  • At HELANTEC you have a single source for everything and
  • you have a contact partner for everything concerning gas.

This is the only way to get specific and fast help, so that you can concentrate on essentials.

In addition to the insulated glass industry, HELANTEC also supplies other markets with customer-specific product solutions, such as

  • systems for protective gas flooding for the metal industry: The systems are designed with integrated process control, i. e. flow regulation, mixture production, mixture control with connection to the plant controller, process documentation, gas consumption measurement.
  • gas analysers with special tasks, such as verification of SF6 in % to the ppm range, as well as for argon, krypton, oxygen and for many other gas types.
  • nitrogen generators for obtaining ultra-pure nitrogen from compressed air via PSA methods.

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